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Violent Road

Starring: Brian Keith

Danger and tension as truckers haul volatile rocket fuel across desert terrain!!! 

Brian Keith, with his patented wry and cynical wit, is perfectly cast to lead the heavy truck convoy of desperate men hauling explosive cargo in a race against time.
Six daring truckers must transport unstable, highly explosive rocket fuel through dangerously bumpy rugged country. One of the drivers, the fuel inventor, took the job because a freak accident during development caused the death of his family.
Violent Road was filmed near Lone Pine, California, with plenty of shots of crumbling cliffs, laboring diesel engines, spinning tires... all the neat stuff that cinema-action fans like, but with enough celluloid devoted to getting us to know the men behind the steering wheels and why they wanted the job to begin with.
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Noal Lewis. last year

Lots of action and keeps glued to your seat.