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Time Bomb (5 Pack)

Billy Dee Williams - Merlin Olsen - Morgan Fairchild - Joseph Bottoms

Time Bomb is a fast action adventure drama that keeps you in suspense right until
the final moment.
Wesley Tanner (Billy Dee Williams), Jake Callahan (Merlin Olsen) and Daniel O'Bannon
(Joseph Bottoms) are three government agents who are chosen to transport the
deadliest cargo known to man -- a consignment of nuclear weapons grade plutonium,
which in the wrong hands, could destroy the whole world.
The vehicle they are assigned to use to transport this time bomb, is the SST, a custom
built big rig equipped with the latest state of the electronis and weapons and tires
that are able to withstand fifty calibre machine gun fire.
When an international terrorist organization decides they want the bomb for their own
illicit purposes, they let nothing stand in their way until they get what they want.

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