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The Highway Man the Complete TV Series

The Highway Man the Complete series

1987 / DVD / Full Screen

This 2 disc DVD set contains all episodes of this short lived TVseries from 1987 starring Sam J Jones as government agent in asupertruck named "Stealth" that is loaded with ultra-high-tech weaponsand a helicopter that travels the highways, fighting evil.

The episodes in this set have been compliled by fans of the serieswho recorded it 20 years ago, the show has never played in syndicationand was canceled after the 10th episode and never re-broadcast. Modledafter the "Mad Max" character series was very entertaining and hasdeveloped a large cult following over the years.
All episodes in this collection are of decent quality, and will provide hours of entertainment for all.

This DVD is brand new and will play in most if not all DVD players any where in the world. 
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