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Silent Thunder ( AKA Revenge on the Highway)

Starring Stacey Keach, Sandahl Bergman

Stacey Keach stars in this True Story of Claude Sams, a retiredTruck Driver who becomes a father avenging the wrongful death of hisson Paul at the hands of a renegade trucker.
The police call it an accident, but Claude knows it's more.
Determined to do what the cops couldn't he becomes a gladiator in a high speed arena.
An awesome duel to the death, as father and killer collide with 50 tons of deadly metal.

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Paul. 7 years ago

I watched this movie back in 96 and never bought it. It was a brilliant suspense thriller. I remember trying to work out what was going to happen and I just had to wait till the end to find out who the killer was. The truck chace was awesome. I have been trying to find this movie for the last 10yrs.