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Palmers Pick-Up

Palmers Pick-up

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    * Actors: Christopher Coppola, Robert Carradine, Rosanna Arquette
    * Format: Dolby, DVD, NTSC
    * Language: English
    * Region: Region All
    * Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
    * Number of discs: 1
    * Rating: R (Restricted)
    * Run Time: 104 minutes

Two dimwit owners (Robert Carradine, Richard Hillman) of astruggling hauling company are approached about hauling a huge,mysterious box across country at the end of the century. The cargo hasreligious significance and may be an attempt to release Satan in theDevil's Triangle to start the next century. En route, many step out totry to stop their delivery including Patrick Kilpatrick as a gayex-con, Talia Shire playing in drag, Morton Downey, Jr. as a tvcelebrity, and Rosanna Arquette as a gun-toting sexpot.

This DVD is brand new and will play in most if not all DVD players any where in the world.
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