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Hell Drivers


Stanley Baker
William Hartnell
David McCallum
Patrick McGoohan
Gordon Jackson
and a very young Sean Connery

Hell Drivers is a hard-as-nails action picture realistically set ina bleak late-1950s England. Baker plays Tom Yately, an ex-con who takesthe only job he can get--truck driving at breakneck speeds for acorrupt manager (Hartnell) and brutal foreman (McGoohan). The constantshort runs and competition between the drivers makes for an intenseatmosphere which inevitably explodes into violence. Baker's only friendis an Italian ex-POW played sensitively by Herbert Lom, while PeggyCummings is a remarkably free-spirited heroine for a film of the time.Baker himself is superb, quietly tough, and broodingly charismatic,McGoohan is compellingly malevolent and Hartnell simply chilling.
A very early supporting role for a very young Sean Connery make this a great film from a time so long ago.

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