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Convoy Uncut Widescreen Edition (5 Pack)

Rubber Duck ( Kris Kristofferson ) leads a mile-long convoy ofprotesting truckers speeding along the Arizona highway toward theMexican border. The tense action builds to an incredible climax in oneof the most destructive auto crash scenes ever filmed. This CultClassic also stars Ali MacGraw as "Melissa", Ernest Borgnine as thecorrupt sheriff "Dirty Lyle" and Burt Young as "Pig Pen/Love Machine"Directed by Sam Pekinpah, Based on the country song of same title byC.W. McCall

This DVD release  features a brilliant crisp picture andthe correct 2:35 aspect ratio and the deleated scenes that have beenmissing from all other DVD releases!! This DVD is in English language,  DVD menu iscombination German/English.

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