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Big Bob Johnson and his Fantastic Speed Circus

Starring Charles Napier

This rare treat features veteran hardcase character actor CharlesNapier as Big Bob Johnson the fearless leader of the "Fantastic SpeedCircus", a rag tag group of misfits traveling around to fairgrounds andrace tracks performing death defying stunts. The main attraction is astunt Bob attempts to perform jumping a Trans Am onto the back of aPeterbilt conventional with a flatbed trailer, but time after time hecontinues to fail. Bob's aggregation makes a brief pit stop when ayoung man offers him a large sum of money to save his failing circusfrom going under by going on an all out cross-coutry race between twosouped-up Rolls Royce, and gain the inheritance the young man's uncleis trying to snatch from him. The Climax of the movie is Bob's attemptat jumping the Rolls Royce onto the moving flatbed to finish the race.
Aimed squarely at the Smokey and the Bandit crowd, this 1978 campy classic is great fun for all ages.

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