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Bandit Film Collection (set contains all 4 Bandit films)

The Bandit Film Collection

All 4 Bandit movies

Bandit: Bandit
Bandit Goes Country
Beauty and the Bandit
Bandit's Silver Angel

Starring Brian Bloom - Elizabeth Berkley - Brian Krause - MelTillis - John Schnieder - Ami Dolenz - Tony Curtis - Kathy Ireland -Traci Lords

These four movies are based on the Bandit character (originallyplayed by Burt Reynolds)from the Smokey and the Bandit movies, Brianbloom plays the younger version of the truck driving legend "TheBandit".
all four films have all the usual fast cars, fast women, big rigs,bar fights, and high speed chases that one associates with The Bandit,directed by Hal Needham, the original director and creator of Smokeyand the Bandit, the adventures of the Bandit are are a nice throw backto the originals.

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